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For Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Certification Courses

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January 4, 2021

Dear Administrator:

Reading difficulties can be resolved if effective intervention is provided early in a child's school career. However, up to 10% of all reading difficulties (i.e., dyslexia) require specialized, intensive intervention from a highly trained professional. Unfortunately, few educators in Utah have the necessary expertise to provide these services and lack the knowledge to provide intensive intervention in a virtual format.

In response, the University of Utah Reading Clinic (UURC)--with much-appreciated donations from the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation and the Crawford Family Foundation -- has established a scholarship fund for educators to receive professional development in this much-needed area

The scholarships are specifically designed to aid practicing educator's completion of Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Level I Certification -- a highly effective intervention for students with severe reading difficulties. The UURC is in its twentieth year of providing this intensive professional development experience and the response has been overwhelmingly positive from educators, parents, and students.

Listed is a description of practicum requirements and an application for our 2021-2022 WRS Level I Certification with year-long practicum.
This year we have three options available for the practicum delivery:
Option 1: The WRS Level I certification practicum will be taught at our Murray, Utah site.
Option 2: The WRS Level I certification web-based practicum (ideally for individuals in areas where a distance model would be appropriate).
*Option 3: The WRS Level I certification site-based practicum (six or more educators from a school or district, observations monitored within your district)*.
*Restrictions due to COVID-19 have required us to do all training & observation virtually. We are hopeful that we will get back to in person offerings soon.

We encourage all interested practicing educators to examine these materials carefully and consider making an application. We also encourage you to make copies of this letter and share it with other potential applicants.

WRS Level I Certification and UURC Practicum Requirements

  • Attend a WRS Introductory Course (3 days) at our Murray location
    (Dates: August 24, 25, 26, 2021 or September 8, 9, 10, 2021)
    Course fee is $375 (includes lunch all 3 days)
  • WRS Level I practicum fee is an additional $350 (includes 9 University of Utah credits).
    Course fee due when participant accepts scholarship offer.
  • Tutor 1 student at least twice per week (at least 1 hour/lesson) for a minimum of 65 lessons
  • Conduct baseline, progress monitoring, and post assessments
  • Attend at least 4 out of 5 WRS Level I implementation meetings
  • Complete 5 tutoring observations with Wilson® Credentialed Trainer
  • Attend 3 or 4 UURC coaching sessions
  • Complete WRS Intensive Intervention for the Non-Responsive Reader (Steps 1-6) Online Course

It is important to note that this practicum is extremely time-intensive (at least a school year in length) and the requirements described above are mandatory. Trainings, observations, and coaching sessions will be held primarily during the school day. This may necessitate arrangements for substitutes, as well as transportation to and from observations.

When taken from Wilson Language Training® directly the total cost of this training exceeds $2,500 per individual. However, educators who receive a scholarship from the UURC will be responsible for the following approximate costs:

  • WRS Introductory Course (3 days) fee ($375) plus the WRS Level I Certification Course fee ($350) (prices subject to change).
  • tutoring supplies (approximately $175).
  • transportation of self (and student, if applicable) to and from UURC.
  • Web-based only - flexible document camera. Examples include:
    • HUE. Approx. $100. Can be purchased from Hue HD or Amazon (price and availability subject to change).
    • IPEVO High Definition USB Document Camera. Approx. $100. Can be purchased from
    • *These are only intended as suggestions. Other stores may also have similar cameras.
  • WRS Introductory Set (Steps 1-6), 4th Edition, which includes (Instructor Manual Steps 1-6, Student Readers Steps 1-6, Rules Notebook, Student Notebook, Dictation Book, Sampling of Steps 1-6 Word Cards, High Frequency Words, Word Element & Syllable Cards, Magnetic Journal & Magnetic Tiles, Letter-Sound Cards, WADE Assessment, End of Step Assessment Materials), one set per educator
    *Visit Wilson Language Training's online store at for current item prices. For ordering assistance contact WLT Customer Support at 800.899.8454. Item#: W4INTROSET, ISBN# 978-1-56778-648-4.)
  • Access to the Word Identification and Spelling Test (*WIST), available from Wilson Language Training® or ProEd. Although copies of the WIST are available for loan from the UURC, we recommend that if you are a significant driving distance from Murray you purchase at least one WIST kit for your district or school.

Given the challenging nature of this practicum, applicants are encouraged to "yoke" their applications in pairs. Scholarship selection priority will be given to highly qualified pairs of practicing educators working in the same school or district.

Applications are due at the UURC no later than April 16, 2021. Email completed applications to, or brought, or bring/mail to:

WRS Scholarship 2021-2022
5242 South College Drive (approximately 480 West), Suite 100
Murray, UT   84123

Applicants will be notified regarding their status no later than April 30, 2021.

Attending the WRS Introductory Course does not certify educators in WRS but it does provide valuable training and fills a prerequisite for the WRS Level I year-long practicum. The registration fee for all attendees is $375, (Please inform UURC of any dietary restrictions). Educators should register for this course here or here.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship or the practicum options, please contact Ms. Michele Blake at 801-265-3951,,Ms. Grace Craig at 801-265-3951,, orMs. Holly Dean at 801-265-3951,


Dr. Kathleen J. Brown, Director
University of Utah Reading Clinic


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