Student Assessments

Note: Dates in square brackets represent the last update date.


RLA (Reading Level Assessment) [9/15/21]


The RLA was revised (September 1, 2020) to align upper grade passages representing complex text with the Lexile leveling system.
The Higher Steps Binder was also updated.

A video describing the revisions is available here.

RLA (Reading Level Assessment) for Deaf Students [8/15/16]
ERI (Early Reading Inventory) [1/12/21]
PRI (Pre-Reading Inventory) [12/27/16]
Manual Flash Assessment [11/29/13]
Flash Assessment for the iPad®
Note that educators downloading UURC assessments should have
training in their administration.

Also note that some educators have reported problems printing directly from the online version.
It is recommended that you print from a downloaded copy of the file.

Tracking Student Data

Excel Spreadsheet for Tracking Intervention Data [12/9/15]