UURC Tier II Small-Group Intervention:
Higher Steps

Higher StepsSM Triad Model

EDU 58/6761-030 / EDU 58/6761-040

Spring 2024


This graduate course is designed to help educators develop theoretical and practical knowledge of effective, research-based assessment and intervention for struggling readers of all ages whose abilities range from G1-March to G2-End level. The course follows a "practicum model," in which participants build a conceptual framework for reading development and effective intervention through a mentored clinical experience.

The course is open to all educators, including but not limited to: university education students, classroom teachers, reading specialists, special educators, administrators, paraprofessionals, and English-Language-Learner (ELL) personnel.

The intervention model for this course, Higher StepsSM Triads, is a compilation of effective, research-based assessment and intervention techniques, designed for students experiencing reading difficulties.

Through intervention, observations, discussion, reading and attendance at clinical trainings, participants will be expected to extend their knowledge of the following topics: reading development, phonological awareness, word identification, synthetic blending, basic vowel patterns, automaticity, fluency, assisted reading at instructional level, building/activating background knowledge, comprehension strategies, textual scaffolding, motivation, assessment for instructional level, and using curriculum-based assessment as a guide for pacing instruction.

Most importantly, participants will be expected to use their knowledge of these topics as they provide ongoing, one-on-one assessment and intervention for a small group of struggling readers.

This course fulfills the Tier II USOE requirement for the Reading Interventionist Endorsement.


To reserve your spot in this practicum, you must provide all requested information below. Please be aware that practica spots are limited, fill quickly and are allocated on a "first come; first served" basis.

Scholarship Apllication Information:
EDU 5761-030/EDU 6761-030: 3 credit/no credit grade. To view the course syllabus, click here.

EDU 5761-040/EDU 6761-040: 3 letter grade credits. Participants who need a letter grade on their transcripts should register for this course [paper required]. To view the course syllabus, click here.

To determine if either of these courses applies to your school district salary schedule or to your university education program, please consult the appropriate district and/or university advisors.

Presentation of course completion on a university transcript to the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) yields 54 re-licensure points.

The UURC is located at:
        University of Utah Reading Clinic
        5242 South College Drive (approximately 480 West) Suite 100
        Murray, UT 84123

For driving directions, go here.


Participants must be present for training;

  • Tuesday, January 9 -- 4:30 - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, January 23 -- 4:30 - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, February 6 -- 4:30 - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, February 27 -- 4:30 - 7:00 pm

Each participant must complete 4 formal observations (3 with passing scores). No exceptions!

Participants who do not meet these attendance requirements will not receive credit for the course.


Via Distance Education Technology

Julie Jaussi (801-265-3951, Julie.Jaussi@utah.edu)
Trina Robbins (801-265-3951, Trina.Robbins@utah.edu)

Note: Each participant will need to prepare materials that must be brought to the first and all subsequent sessions. See course syllabus for details.

Please note: Your spot is NOT secured until
we verify that your information is complete.

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I am taking this course to fulfill a reading methods practicum requirement.


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