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Resource Links

These links to other related websites are provided as a
reference source for interested parents and educators.

The UURC has identified the following links and commercial products as potentially helpful in helping children address reading difficulties. This list is not exhaustive, but merely a "starting place" for locating research-based products and services.

Please note that the UURC does not guarantee results deriving from use of these products, nor is the UURC responsible in any way for any effects potentially derived from their use. These are not paid endorsements.

Foundational Skills for Beginners

Word Recognition, Phonics, and Spelling

Fluency and Text

Comprehension and Vocabulary

Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties & Other Comorbid Conditions

Severe Reading Difficulties / Dyslexia

Scientific Evidence Does Not Support Irlen Syndrome or Other Vision Diagnosis/Treatment As Cause of Reading Difficulties

Assistive Technology Resources for Students

Dysgraphia (i.e., Composition & Handwriting Difficulties)

Special Ed, IEPs, & 504s

General Information on Reading

Resources for Children's Literature

YouTube Videos of Children Reading

Resources for Math Difficulties